Pigskin Pool Rules

Point System:
1. Everyone picks every game every week against the spread.
2. Everyone selects one game each week as their "pick of the week."
3. One point is awarded for each correct pick.
4. One bonus point is awarded for a correct "pick of the week."
5. No penalties are assessed for losing picks.
6. Everyone picks the total combined points for the Monday night
    game each week (closest up or down) as the tie-breaker.
    In the unlikely event that this still provides for a tie,
    the weekly prize is divided equally.
7. The high-scorer for the week wins the weekly prize.
    (TBD - see below)
8. Points accumulate for the season, the year-end points leaders
    will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. (TBD - see below)

The Playoffs:
9. The entire playoffs will constitute week 18 of our contest.
10. Everyone will pick every game each week just as in the
      regular season.
11. Each week of the playoffs will now include a
      pick of the week, adding points to both
      the week 18 and season point totals.
      The Super Bowl will automatically count
      as 2 points for everyone.
12. The high-scorer for the playoffs wins the week 18 weekly prize.
13. The tie-breakers for the playoff week are as follows:
         a) Everyone will select the final score of the
             Super Bowl for the winning and losing team.
         b) First tie-break is the winning team's score
             (closest up or down).
         c) Second tie-break is the losing team's score
             (closest up or down).
         d) If there is still a tie, the prize will be split evenly.
14. The tie-breakers for the season prizes are as follows:
         a) Total number of correct "picks of the week" for the
             entire season.
         b) Super Bowl winning team's score from item b #13 above
         c) Super Bowl losing team's score from item c #13 above
         d) If there is still a tie, the prize or prizes involved
             will be split evenly.

The Spread:
15. Spread info will be taken Wednesday around noon from the Vegas Insider as
      the primary source, using the "VI Consensus" line as reported at
      http://www.vegasinsider.com/nfl/odds/las-vegas/ at that time. For weeks with a
      Thursday game, the spread info will be taken Tuesday around noon
      from the same location.
16. Any spread with a whole number (including zero or pick) will
      be incremented LARGER by 0.5 points to prevent a "push".
17. If any game is "off-the-board" when the spread information
      is collected, other casino boards will be checked for an
      available spread. If none are available, a spread based on
      all available information will be selected for that game.

Submitting Picks:
18. All picks will be submitted via the pigskin pool web site.
19. A dedicated web site will be used for providing you the pick
      sheet and all league summaries and information. You will be
      notified via e-mail (with the web address) when new information
      has been added to the site. Picks with spreads will be available
      on Wednesday night/Thursday morning (Tuesday night guaranteed
      when any Thursday games are played) and will also include a
      pick sheet for selecting that week's games.
      Directions will be included on how to submit your picks.
20. All picks must be submitted by 11:59PM EST on Saturday, except for
      weeks with weekday games, where the deadline FOR ONLY THE GAME(S)
      OF THAT DAY will be 6:00PM EST for night games or two hours prior to kick-off.
      Any irregular schedule weeks will be handled on a week-by-week basis.
21. Anyone who misses sending in their sheet by the deadline
      will automatically be given all of the home teams. They will
      NOT receive a Pick of the Week or a tie-breaker entry for
      the Monday night game.
22. An update will be sent out each week after all picks are
      submitted noting that the web site has the week's summary
      showing everyone's picks, tie-break selection and current
      total points.
23. New for 2012! If the web site is down or unavailable for submission,
      you must MANUALLY EMAIL your picks to the address:
      pigskin.poolnew@gmail.com along with your pick of the week
      and score selection for any tie-breaker.